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From Bolke de Bruin <>
Subject Re: Resolving the GPL Licensing issues with Unidecode
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 15:57:14 GMT
Oh that is a nice catch. Obviously option 3 is the easiest to get this resolved so it might
be worth a try. This could be done by stating that the Apache Foundation and its lawyers disagree
with the assessment the author makes. I even think, but ianal, that python-slugify is not
compliant (you would need a LGPL version of unidecode for that). 

Another option is to convince the author of unidecode to release under a dual license as was
the case with the original Perl module (perl artistic and gpl). This might be difficult though:

Probably the best option is 1. We should move to a webpack/yarn/npm setup anyway. However
this might be a bigger effort than you are up to. 


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> On 3 Aug 2017, at 13:48, Heistermann, Till <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> At Blue Yonder, we would love to upgrade to Airflow 1.8+,
> but licensing issues with the dependencies currently prevent us from doing so.
> (see )
> To sum it up, airflow 1.8+ pulls in the GPL-Licensed dependency `Unidecode`
> via `python-slugify` and `python-nvd3`.
> We would like to help resolving this.
> We see three possible options here:
> 1) Replace `python-nvd3` in airflow
> 2) Replace the slugify implementation used in `python-nvd3`
> 3) Replace the Unicode tables used in `python-slugify` with a licence-compatible version
> The main developer of `python-slugify` did not seem to be open to this in back in 2014
though, but it might be worth a new try (see
> What is your opinion about this?
> Which approach would be the most feasible?
> Are you aware of libraries that could act as drop-in replacements?
> Cheers, Till

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