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From Tobias Feldhaus <>
Subject Re: ignore depends on past is not honoured when using backfill
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2017 10:12:43 GMT
Passing --ignore_depends_on_past=True does not work either:

airflow backfill: error: argument -I/--ignore_first_depends_on_past: ignored explicit argument

Passing --ignore_depends_on_past has no effect as well.

I opened a JIRA ticket here:


On 12.07.2017, 11:51, "Tobias Feldhaus" <> wrote:

    I am trying to backfill my DAG with the following command:
    airflow backfill -t search_log_sensor -s 2017-07-10 -e 2017-07-11 -I google_pipelines
    However, the –I does not have any effect, I see:
    BackfillJob is deadlocked.Some of the deadlocked tasks were unable to run because of "depends_on_past"
relationships. Try running the backfill with the option "ignore_first_depends_on_past=True"
or passing "-I" at the command line.
    How do I make airflow ignore the first depends on past condition when using backfill?
    Thank you!

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