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From Tobias Feldhaus <>
Subject Re: airflow backfill seems to ignore -I
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 13:49:52 GMT
But nonetheless, is it not possible to backfill and ignore the upstream dependencies with “-i”

On 05.07.2017, 14:34, "Tobias Feldhaus" <> wrote:

    I meant –i , but I just needed to manually set the upstream things to success and it
worked. Nevermind.
    On 05.07.2017, 14:28, "Tobias Feldhaus" <<>>
    When running airflow (1.8.1) backfill with –I and –t like:
    airflow backfill -t 'nonspider_sessions' -i -I -s 2017-05-30 -e 2017-05-31 google_pipelines
    I would expect it to rerun that specific task and ignoring the dependencies. Instead I
see this:
    [2017-07-05 12:23:30,419] {} INFO - Subtask: [2017-07-05 12:23:30,419]
{} INFO - Dependencies not met for <TaskInstance: google_pipelines.nonspider_sessions
2017-05-30 05:30:00 [queued]>, dependency 'Trigger Rule' FAILED: Task's trigger rule 'all_success'
requires all upstream tasks to have succeeded, but found 3 non-success(es). upstream_tasks_state={'successes':
0L, 'failed': 0L, 'upstream_failed': 0L, 'skipped': 0L, 'done': 0L}, upstream_task_ids=['frontend_sensor',
'log_sensor', 'tracker_pipeline']
    Am I doing it wrong?

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