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From "Josef Samanek"<>
Subject Tasks Queued but never run
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2017 21:18:05 GMT

We have a problem with our airflow. Sometimes, several tasks get queued but they never get
run and remain in Queud state forever. Other tasks from the same schedule interval run. And
next schedule interval runs normally too. But these several tasks remain queued.

We are using Airflow 1.8.1. Currently with CeleryExecutor and redis, but we had the same problem
with LocalExecutor as well (actually switching to Celery helped quite a bit, the problem now
happens way less often, but still it happens). We have 18 DAGs total, 13 active. Some have
just 1-2 tasks, but some are more complex, like 8 tasks or so and with upstreams. There are
also ExternalTaskSensor tasks used. 

I tried playing around with DAG configurations (limiting concurrency, max_active_runs, ...),
tried switching off some DAGs completely (not all but most) etc., so far nothing helped. Right
now, I am not really sure, what else to try to identify a solve the issue.

I am getting a bit desperate, so I would really appreciate any help with this. Thank you all
in advance!


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