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From "Rutherford, James" <>
Subject Re: Hooks and connection
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:17:07 GMT
Hi David,

I’m also a bit of an Airflow novice but what I’ve figured out is that
Connections are essentially parameters for Hooks. The connection type
doesn't seem to be used for anything explicitly (the list of choices is
hard-coded in the Airflow source).

For example, I made a SharePoint hook that defines how content goes into
and comes out of SharePoint. The connection information (URL, protocol,
credentials, etc) is stored as a Connection with type set as 'Samba' (it
was the closest I could find); the Hook just wraps the SharePoint API.

I hope that helps.



On 28/06/2017, 19:05, "David Capwell" <> wrote:

>I'm just starting out with airflow and looking to add my own artifactory
>hook so my tasks can pull from there.
>Looking at the docs this means I need a ArtifactoryHook but not clear to me
>how this integrates with connections.  Looking over the connection code the
>mapping is hard coded but the plug-in docs say to just build a hook.  I
>have a hello world hook but not sure how to link it with connections
>(connection tab does not list it)
>Thanks for your time reading this email


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