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From Arthur Wiedmer <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Airflow 1.8.1 RC2
Date Wed, 03 May 2017 15:56:33 GMT
+1 binding Chris

Thanks again for the hard work.


On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 10:58 AM, Chris Riccomini <>

> Dear All,
> _WARN: The package version for this RC is 1.8.1 (does not include RC2 in
> version number). As such, any future 1.8.1 installatinos will have to be
> force installed. PIP will not be able to distinguish between RCs and final
> versions. Again, you'll have to force install the package. This can be done
> by adding `--force-reinstall` to your `pip install` commands._
> I've made Airflow 1.8.1 RC2 available at:
>, public keys are
> available at
> New issues fixed in 1.8.1 RC2:
> [AIRFLOW-1142] SubDAG Tasks Not Executed Even Though All Dependen
> [AIRFLOW-1004] `airflow webserver -D` runs in foreground
> [AIRFLOW-492] Insert into dag_stats table results into failed ta
> Issues fixed in 1.8.1 RC0/RC1, and included in RC2:
> [AIRFLOW-1138] Add licenses to files in scripts directory
> [AIRFLOW-1127] Move license notices to LICENSE instead of NOTICE
> [AIRFLOW-1124] Do not set all task instances to scheduled on back
> [AIRFLOW-1120] Update version view to include Apache prefix
> [AIRFLOW-1062] DagRun#find returns wrong result if external_trigg
> [AIRFLOW-1054] Fix broken import on test_dag
> [AIRFLOW-1050] Retries ignored - regression
> [AIRFLOW-1033] TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to None
> [AIRFLOW-1017] get_task_instance should return None instead of th
> [AIRFLOW-1011] Fix bug in BackfillJob._execute() for SubDAGs
> [AIRFLOW-1001] Landing Time shows "unsupported operand type(s) fo
> [AIRFLOW-1000] Rebrand to Apache Airflow instead of Airflow
> [AIRFLOW-989] Clear Task Regression
> [AIRFLOW-974] airflow.util.file mkdir has a race condition
> [AIRFLOW-906] Update Code icon from lightning bolt to file
> [AIRFLOW-858] Configurable database name for DB operators
> [AIRFLOW-853] stdout decode default to A
> [AIRFLOW-832] Fix debug server
> [AIRFLOW-817] Trigger dag fails when using CLI + API
> [AIRFLOW-816] Make sure to pull nvd3 from local resources
> [AIRFLOW-815] Add previous/next execution dates to available def
> [AIRFLOW-813] Fix unterminated unit tests in tests.job (tests/jo
> [AIRFLOW-812] Scheduler job terminates when there is no dag file
> [AIRFLOW-806] UI should properly ignore DAG doc when it is None
> [AIRFLOW-794] Consistent access to DAGS_FOLDER and SQL_ALCHEMY_C
> [AIRFLOW-785] ImportError if cgroupspy is not installed
> [AIRFLOW-784] Cannot install with funcsigs > 1.0.0
> [AIRFLOW-780] The UI no longer shows broken DAGs
> [AIRFLOW-777] dag_is_running is initlialized to True instead of
> [AIRFLOW-719] Skipped operations make DAG finish prematurely
> [AIRFLOW-694] Empty env vars do not overwrite non-empty config v
> [AIRFLOW-139] Executing VACUUM with PostgresOperator
> [AIRFLOW-111] DAG concurrency is not honored
> [AIRFLOW-88] Improve clarity Travis CI reports
> I would like to raise a VOTE for releasing 1.8.1 based on release candidate
> 2.
> Please respond to this email by:
> +1,0,-1 with *binding* if you are a PMC member or *non-binding* if you are
> not.
> Vote will run for 72 hours (ends this Thursday).
> Thanks!
> Chris
> My VOTE: +1 (binding)

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