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From Jakob Homan <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Airflow 1.8.1 RC2
Date Wed, 03 May 2017 19:03:13 GMT
+1 (binding), but with a concern:

11:58 $ cat setup.cfg | grep -i maxime
author = Maxime Beauchemin
author-email =

The setup.cfg still has Maxime listed as the author.  I called this
out on the last release as needing to be fixed.  It has been fixed on
trunk (AIRFLOW-997), but not merged in to this release.  We'll need to
call this out again in the Incubator vote if the current RC goes
through.  If there's movement towards graduation, a clean vote without
any NITs would be a big help.  I'm ok letting this RC go through, but
if another is rolled, it would be worth the time to cherrypick
AIRFLOW-997 in.

Spot check on headers looks good.
Tests pass
md5 and asc verify.  I didn't get the same sha, but I assume that's an
error on my side.

Also, I note that still has
some previous artifacts.  This caused some confusion in the last
incubator vote and John Ament requested we clean those out before
calling the next vote.  We should do so.


On 3 May 2017 at 08:56, Arthur Wiedmer <> wrote:
> +1 binding Chris
> Thanks again for the hard work.
> Best,
> Arthur
> On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 10:58 AM, Chris Riccomini <>
> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> _WARN: The package version for this RC is 1.8.1 (does not include RC2 in
>> version number). As such, any future 1.8.1 installatinos will have to be
>> force installed. PIP will not be able to distinguish between RCs and final
>> versions. Again, you'll have to force install the package. This can be done
>> by adding `--force-reinstall` to your `pip install` commands._
>> I've made Airflow 1.8.1 RC2 available at:
>>, public keys are
>> available at
>> New issues fixed in 1.8.1 RC2:
>> [AIRFLOW-1142] SubDAG Tasks Not Executed Even Though All Dependen
>> [AIRFLOW-1004] `airflow webserver -D` runs in foreground
>> [AIRFLOW-492] Insert into dag_stats table results into failed ta
>> Issues fixed in 1.8.1 RC0/RC1, and included in RC2:
>> [AIRFLOW-1138] Add licenses to files in scripts directory
>> [AIRFLOW-1127] Move license notices to LICENSE instead of NOTICE
>> [AIRFLOW-1124] Do not set all task instances to scheduled on back
>> [AIRFLOW-1120] Update version view to include Apache prefix
>> [AIRFLOW-1062] DagRun#find returns wrong result if external_trigg
>> [AIRFLOW-1054] Fix broken import on test_dag
>> [AIRFLOW-1050] Retries ignored - regression
>> [AIRFLOW-1033] TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to None
>> [AIRFLOW-1017] get_task_instance should return None instead of th
>> [AIRFLOW-1011] Fix bug in BackfillJob._execute() for SubDAGs
>> [AIRFLOW-1001] Landing Time shows "unsupported operand type(s) fo
>> [AIRFLOW-1000] Rebrand to Apache Airflow instead of Airflow
>> [AIRFLOW-989] Clear Task Regression
>> [AIRFLOW-974] airflow.util.file mkdir has a race condition
>> [AIRFLOW-906] Update Code icon from lightning bolt to file
>> [AIRFLOW-858] Configurable database name for DB operators
>> [AIRFLOW-853] stdout decode default to A
>> [AIRFLOW-832] Fix debug server
>> [AIRFLOW-817] Trigger dag fails when using CLI + API
>> [AIRFLOW-816] Make sure to pull nvd3 from local resources
>> [AIRFLOW-815] Add previous/next execution dates to available def
>> [AIRFLOW-813] Fix unterminated unit tests in tests.job (tests/jo
>> [AIRFLOW-812] Scheduler job terminates when there is no dag file
>> [AIRFLOW-806] UI should properly ignore DAG doc when it is None
>> [AIRFLOW-794] Consistent access to DAGS_FOLDER and SQL_ALCHEMY_C
>> [AIRFLOW-785] ImportError if cgroupspy is not installed
>> [AIRFLOW-784] Cannot install with funcsigs > 1.0.0
>> [AIRFLOW-780] The UI no longer shows broken DAGs
>> [AIRFLOW-777] dag_is_running is initlialized to True instead of
>> [AIRFLOW-719] Skipped operations make DAG finish prematurely
>> [AIRFLOW-694] Empty env vars do not overwrite non-empty config v
>> [AIRFLOW-139] Executing VACUUM with PostgresOperator
>> [AIRFLOW-111] DAG concurrency is not honored
>> [AIRFLOW-88] Improve clarity Travis CI reports
>> I would like to raise a VOTE for releasing 1.8.1 based on release candidate
>> 2.
>> Please respond to this email by:
>> +1,0,-1 with *binding* if you are a PMC member or *non-binding* if you are
>> not.
>> Vote will run for 72 hours (ends this Thursday).
>> Thanks!
>> Chris
>> My VOTE: +1 (binding)

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