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From Peter Dolan <>
Subject Cloud ML Operators
Date Wed, 31 May 2017 19:10:17 GMT
Hello developers,

I work with Google Cloud ML, and my team and I are interested in
contributing a set of Operators to support working with the Cloud ML
platform. The platform supports using the TensorFlow deep neural network
framework as a managed system.

In particular, we would like to contribute
 * CloudMLTrainingOperator, which would launch and monitor a Cloud ML
Training Job (
 * CloudMLBatchPredictionOperator, which would launch and monitor a Cloud
ML Batch Prediction Job (, and
 * CloudMLVersionOperator, which can create, update, and delete TensorFlow
model versions (

I'm eager to hear if the Airflow project is open to these contributions,
and if any changes are suggested. We have working prototype versions of all
of them.

Thanks in advance,

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