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From Bolke de Bruin <>
Subject Proposal for new task state "WAITING_ON_CALLBACK"
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 06:36:25 GMT
Hi All,

Now that we have an API in place. I would like to propose a new state for tasks named “WAITING_ON_CALLBACK”.
Currently, we have tasks that have a kind of polling mechanism (ie. Sensors) that wait for
an action to happen and check if that action happened by regularly polling a particular backend.
This will always use a slot from one of the workers and could starve an airflow cluster for
resources. What if a callback to Airflow could happen that task to change its status by calling
a callback mechanism without taking up a worker slot. A timeout could (should) be associated
with the required callback so that the task can fail if required. So a bit more visual:

Task X from DAG Z  does some work and sets “WAITING_ON_CALLBACK” -> API post to /dags/Z/dag_runs/20170101T00:00:00/tasks/X
with payload “set status to SUCCESS”

DAG Z happily continues.


Task X from DAG Z sets “WAITING_ON_CALLBACK” with timeout of 300s -> time passes ->
scheduler sets task to FAILED.

Any thoughts?

- Bolke
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