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From Vishal Doshi <>
Subject Re: [VOTE]: Using fractional seconds
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 14:39:00 GMT
We have an (atypical) use case where one DAG launches multiple runs of another DAG (but with
different parameters). Without the precision, we have to add a second between each launch
to avoid the database issues. Moving towards allowing fractional seconds would be great for


On 11/8/16, 04:29, "Bolke de Bruin" <> wrote:

    Dear All,
    I’m trying to move over the testing infrastructure to the new infrastructure based on
ubuntu 14.04 (we are on 12.04 now). 12.04 uses MySQL 5.5 and 14.04 allows the use of MySQL
5.6, which we say we are compatible with. MySQL does not store fractional seconds. Until version
5.6.4 ( it cuts off fractional
seconds at comparison time, eg. comparing “2016-01-01 00:00:00.000001” against what is
stored in MySQL “2016-01-01 00:00:00” would return a tuple in 5.6.4 but will fail beyond
5.6.4. The issue presents itself if you use the “@once” schedule interval.
    Other databases (Postgres, SQLite, etc) store fractional seconds by default so do not
exhibit this error. Since MySQL 5.6.4 it can also store fractional seconds, but for backwards
compatibility it needs to be specified in the schema. Also note that MySQL behavior (not storing
fractional seconds) goes against SQL standards as is noted by themselves (
    There are two solutions to this issue:
    1. Update the schema for MySQL to include fractional seconds.
    - no coding changes
    - makes mysql behave conform standards
    - easier to maintain
    - future proof
    - needs to maintain schema
    - requires an update to the schema of running mysql instances
    2. Change the code to remove fractional settings (particularly .now() invocations)
    - No impact on running MySQL instances
    - Impact on other databases that now loose precision, and might for a brief time show
different behavior
    - Code to maintain, cannot use .now() directly
    - Be very careful when using date time and accessing the DB
    There was some back and forth discussion on bitter about this, but we don’t seem to
reach a conclusion. Hence I would like to call for a vote - at this election day :). Of course
with arguments if needed. If there is a better way I’m of course open to that.
    I vote for OPTION 1.

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