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From Chris Nauroth <>
Subject Re: Private channel being used for discussion on gitter
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2016 18:42:15 GMT
I agree with Jakob.  Please make these changes.  Additionally, I ask that if any prior discussion
on the private Gitter channel culminated in a significant project decision (design choice,
whether or not to commit a pull request, etc.), then please recap that publicly on ASF infrastructure
(mailing list, JIRA, etc.).  If any of the discussion was a PMC decision that legitimately
needed a restricted audience, then please use the private mailing list.

--Chris Nauroth

On 8/22/16, 11:29 AM, "Jakob Homan" <> wrote:

    Hey all-
      Apparently there is a private channel being used for project
    discussion on gitter (the archive would be here:,
    similar to the public archive of the regular gitter channel:, titled
    As has been discussed before, all non-PMC level ASF communication
    *has* to be in a public accessible forum (preferably that is archived
    to an ASF list).  Even if well intentioned, these channels are
    exclusionary and absolutely verboten per ASF.
    We need to open or shut that channel down and make sure we note this
    on the next IPMC report...

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