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From Jeremiah Lowin <>
Subject Re: ExternalTaskSensor offsets with monthly jobs
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2016 16:09:43 GMT
Interesting -- this could be an extension of open enhancement AIRFLOW-100 Let me see if I can
restate this correctly:

- You have a daily ETL job
- You have a monthly reporting job, for arguments sake lets say it runs on
the last day of each month with an execution date equal to the last day of
the prior month (for example on 7/31/2016 the task with execution date
6/30/2016 will run).
You want the monthly job with execution date 6/30/2016 to wait for (and
include) the daily ETLs through 7/31/2016. In some months, that requires a
31 day delta, in others 30 (in others 28... and forget about leap years).

It sounds like the simplest solution (and the one proposed in A-100) is to
allow ExternalTaskSensor to accept not just a static delta, but potentially
a callable that accepts the current execution date and returns the desired
execution date for the sensed task. In this case, it would take in
6/30/2016 and return 7/31/2016 as the last day of the following month. I
don't think any headway has been made on actually implementing the solution
but it should be straightforward -- I will try to get to it if I have some
time in the next few days.

On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 11:25 AM Adrian Bridgett <>

> I'm hitting a bit of an annoying problem and wondering about the best
> course of action.
> We have several dags:
> - a daily ETL job
> - several reporting jobs (daily, weekly or monthly) which use the data
> from previous ETL jobs
> I wish to have a dependency such that the reporting jobs depend upon the
> last ETL job that the report uses.   We're happy to set depends_on_past
> in the ETL job.
> Daily jobs are easy - ExternalTaskSensor, job done.
> Weekly jobs are a little trickier - we need to work out the
> execution_delta - normally +6 for us (we deliberately run a day late to
> prioritise other jobs).
> Monthly jobs.... this is where I'm struggling - how to work out the
> execution_delta.   I guess the ideal would be an upgrade from timedelta
> to dateutil.relativedelta?   tomorrow_ds and ds_add don't help either.
> I must admit, ds being the time that's just gone has caused me no end of
> brain befudledness, especially when trying to get the initial job right
> (so much so that I wrote this up in our DAG README, posting here for
> others):
> When adding a new job, it's critical to ensure that you've set the
> schedule correctly:
> - frequency (monthly, weekly, daily)
> - schedule_interval ("0 0 2 * *", "0 0 * * 0", "0 0 * * *")
> - start_date (choose a day that matches schedule_interval at least one
> interval ago)
> -- e.g if today is Thursday 2016-06-09, go back in time to when the
> schedule will trigger,
>     then work out what "ds" (execution date) would be (remembering
> that's the lapsed date)
> --- for a monthly job, last trigger=2016-06-02, ds=2016-05-02
> --- for a weekly job, last trigger=2016-06-05, ds=2016-05-29
> --- for a daily job, last trigger=2016-06-09, ds=2016-06-08

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