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Subject [GitHub] [airflow] albertusk95 opened a new pull request #7075: [AIRFLOW-6212] SparkSubmitHook resolve connection
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2020 11:06:34 GMT
albertusk95 opened a new pull request #7075: [AIRFLOW-6212] SparkSubmitHook resolve connection
   I tried to use `SparkSubmitOperator` using standalone cluster first. Unfortunately, the
`spark-submit` task was failed. The following exception occurred.
   airflow.exceptions.AirflowException: Cannot execute: [path/to/spark-submit, '--master',
   The first thing that came up into my mind was why the master address excluded the `spark://`
prefix. So it should be like `--master spark://host:port`. I performed a quick check to the
source code and found that such a thing (scheme addition) hadn't been handled. Please take
a look at the following code snippet [source](
   After reviewing the subsequent method callings, it turned out that the driver status tracking
feature won't be utilised at all because of the above bug. Look at the following code snippet.
   def _resolve_should_track_driver_status(self):
   	Determines whether to not this hook should poll the spark driver status through subsequent
spark-submit status requests after the initial spark-submit request
   	:return: if the driver status should be tracked
   	return ('spark://' in self._connection['master'] and self._connection['deploy_mode'] ==
   The above method will always return `False` as the spark master's address doesn't start
with the scheme, such as `spark://`.
   Later on, I investigated the `Connection` module (_airflow.models.connection_) further
and found that if we provide the URI (ex: _spark://host:port_), then the attributes of the
`Connection` object will be derived via URI parsing.
   When parsing the host, the resulting value was only the hostname without the scheme. It
also becomes a critical enough bug.
   **Proposed Solution**
   I think we don't really need the whole URI. I mean, when we store the connection data as
an environment variable, we could just specify the URI parts in form of JSON. This approach
is mainly used to tackle the URI parsing problem.
   In this case, the `conn_id` will still be preserved.
   Take a look at the following example (`conn_id` = "spark_default"). For simplicity, let's
presume that `extra` is in JSON form.
   AIRFLOW_CONN_SPARK_DEFAULT='{"conn_type": <conn_type>, "host":<host>, "port":<port>,
"schema":<schema>, "extra":<extra>}'
   Even though this solution could reduce the false result returned by URI parsing, one need
to strictly ensure that each attribute (host, port, scheme, etc.) should store the relevant
value. I think it's much easier than creating a correct URI parser. Moreover, applying such
a technique makes the whole connection data builder for both database & environment variable
mode have the same pattern (both use a structured data specification).
   Link to JIRA issue:
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