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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [airflow] ashb commented on a change in pull request #6596: [AIRFLOW-6004] Untangle Executors class to avoid cyclic imports. Depends on [AIRFLOW-6010]
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2019 11:07:33 GMT
ashb commented on a change in pull request #6596: [AIRFLOW-6004] Untangle Executors class to
avoid cyclic imports. Depends on [AIRFLOW-6010]

 File path: tests/dags/
 @@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
 from datetime import datetime, timedelta
-from airflow.models import DAG
+from airflow.models.dag import DAG
 Review comment:
   ## Result of the current situation
   > Can you tell which way is better
   Neither :) They both work. But yes, having some internal/enforce rules for the airflow
code base is probably a good thing for consistency.
   ## DAG developer's perspective
   > Mabe the deprecation warning should only be thrown if you are importing airflow from
within airflow core code itself
   Yes if this was achievable I would be happy with this approach.
   Yes, the deprecation warning wouldn't _require_ a rewrite, but it would be annoying/noisy
until the change was done - i.e. not something I want to force on users without a definite
benefit to it.
   > I hope you can agree with me that it makes sense for Airflow "core" in airflow repository
use a single, direct import (airflow.models.dag.DAG) where circular imports will be least
   Grudgingly, because people will look at the internals and copy that, and I really feel
like this is leaking abstractions and `airflow.models.DAG` or `airflow.DAG` is what consumers
of the library should be using.
   Part of this might be fixed by updating the docs to not build/publish docs for any `airflow.model.*`
package (and bonus points for re-writing any references to just `airflow.models.Class`?) 
   ## Avoiding cyclic imports
   The avoiding cycling imports doesn't worry me, as the code either works, or it crashes
the tests and we fix it on a case-by-base basis. I haven't ever seen a case where what an
end user imports causes or avoids a cyclic import -- it's all only within airflow PRs. Is
there a case I've not seen where we've got a broken import based on which order packages are
imported in tests/user code?  
   ## Importing 'airflow' package first
   `python -c import airflow.hooks` will _always_ import `airflow/` first and then
load `airflow/hooks/`. That is how python imports work.
   I'm all in favour of removing the side-effect-from-importing (I reported
a long time ago) but the cyclic import issue is just not a concern to me -- 

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