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From "Shenoy, Gourav Ganesh" <>
Subject Re: Airavata test failures in Jenkins?
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 03:58:45 GMT
Hi Suresh,

I forgot to mention another point – about using containerized RabbitMQ for unit testing
– I am not very confident about that approach. Having an in-memory broker for unit/integration
testing our Airavata code will help avoid the underlying dependency of Docker availability.
Please let me know your views.

Thanks and Regards,
Gourav Shenoy

On 11/1/17, 11:51 PM, "Shenoy, Gourav Ganesh" <> wrote:

    Hi Marcus/Suresh,
    After our discussion at Gateways conference, I was looking at possible solutions to this
RabbitMQ unit-test problem. Apache QPID [1] is a really good choice for building an in-memory
broker for testing MQ based code.
    The reason for using QPID is because RabbitMQ does not have an in-memory implementation,
and rather requires deploying the RabbitMQ application for brokering messages. QPID on the
other hand is a message oriented middleware (MOM) similar to RabbitMQ, with the ability to
communicate multiple AMQP protocol versions. The reason I highlight this point, is because
AMQP – a different MOM implementation with in-memory message broker – supports only version
1.0 of the AMQP protocol, whereas RabbitMQ runs on version 0.9.1.
    I am working through some prototyping of QPID [2]. I will keep posting my updates.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Gourav Shenoy 
    On 11/1/17, 1:10 PM, "Suresh Marru" <> wrote:
        Hi Marcus,
        The issue was the test cases require RabbitMQ. So the test fail. I think the way to
reproduce this issue is to shutdown rabbitmq on your laptop and get maven build working. Once
we get that, we should probably re-enable Jenkins. 
        One solution might be to use dockerized rabbitmq as you did for thrift.
        Thanks for willing to look into this,
        > On Nov 1, 2017, at 12:40 PM, Christie, Marcus Aaron <> wrote:
        > Dev,
        > I vaguely recall that there is some issue with running the airavata testsuite
in Jenkins and we ended up disabling it.  Is there an issue for the problems faced, or any
pointers? I’m interested in digging into this problem.
        > Thanks,
        > Marcus

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