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From Vasanth Methkupalli <>
Subject Terraform Scripts - Clarification
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2017 21:51:46 GMT
Hi Dev,

I am working with Terraform on orchestrating ansible scipts on Jetstream
cloud. Two parts of running any terraform scripts is to create

1) A provider(Openstack, AWS, etc) and
2) creating resources(server, virtualmachine, etc).

However, when configuring the provider "openstack", there is an auth_url
which has to be mentioned to access the provider to create resources. I
have looked at the spring-2107-devops scripts for Terraform, however those
scripts seem to have an empty field for auth_url. Can someone clear this as
to what value should we be using in this case, is it:

1) The GUI we have used for creating the instances, ( ) which I have already tested,
but doesn't seem to work.

Or any other suggestions in this regard, is welcome.


Methkupalli Vasanth

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