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From Sneha Tilak <>
Subject Re: Gateway-specific maximum values for Nodes, CPU Cores and Wall Time Limit
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2017 19:57:40 GMT
Hi Sudhakar,

You are right. Our goal is to define these properties in the group level
within gateways and not impose them on the gateway as a whole. I am still
working on understanding and enabling group management features in the app
catalog. Through this, admins can choose control the limitations of
resources in the group level.

- Sneha

On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 3:12 PM, Pamidighantam, Sudhakar V <> wrote:

> Hi Sneha:
> I think it should be possible to define these limits for a group with in a
> gateway eventually for a finer control by the gateway admins. Hope these
> modification would be extended to groups when they become available.
> Thanks,
> Sudhakar.
> On Sep 29, 2017, at 6:33 PM, Sneha Tilak <> wrote:
> Hello dev,
> I was recently looking into an enhancement to the current portal where
> gateways can define their own maximum values for queue properties (nodes,
> CPU cores, wall time limit). As of now, the maximum values are set at the
> SciGap level and there is no provision for gateways to define their own
> maximum values.
> The JIRA Issue associated with the above can be found at
> The Pull Request created for the above issue can be found at
> The PR reflects the following changes -
>    - Added the maximum allowed values for the nodes, CPU cores and wall
>    time limit to the pga_config.php.template for reference.
>    - Modified the createSubmit() and editSubmit() methods in
>    ExperiementController.php to validate the entered values for nodes, CPU
>    cores and wall time limit for a given experiment. If invalid, an
>    appropriate message is returned to the view.
>    - Added a new private method - validateQueueData() in
>    ExperiementController.php to perform the validation of the queue values.
>    - Modified the getQueueDatafromResourceId() method in
>    ExperiementUtilities.php to compare the queue's maximum values for nodes,
>    CPU cores and wall time limit with that of the gateway's configuration
>    (found in the pga_config.php file)
> Have a great weekend!
> Regards,
> Sneha Tilak

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