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From Hitesh Kumar Dasika <>
Subject [FALL-2017] Dockerizing Airavata PGA
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2017 18:24:53 GMT
Hello Dev

I am in the process of writing a Dockerfile for Dockerizing Airavata PGA
Gateway. My end goal is to replace the current ansible installation of
Airavata PGA Gateway with a Docker Container

PR which is still developing:

Some Considerations that I want to make:

1. Through the ansible playbook, firewalld is installed and is configured.
But when the app is installed in a container, there is no need for
firewalld as we can access the container only through the port exposed. The
host system can be configured with firewalld which makes more sense.

2.  The second thing is default configurations which need to be copied.
There are many conf files and there are placeholders in those which are
replaced by ansible. Whereas in Docker container creation, such
configurations need to be copied without placeholders into the containers.
To achieve this, my plan is to include a volume which is mounted to the
container and that volume will have all the configuration files in it. The
user will have the option to change configurations in those files.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated.

The PR contains a single dockerfile for all the services. But won't it be
good if there are different containers with different components in them?
This approach will also be helpful for orchestration


Hitesh Kumar Dasika

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