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From Sneha Tilak <>
Subject Group Management - Status Update
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 18:03:22 GMT
Hello dev,

With Marcus and Supun's help, I have been looking into developing a UI for
exposing Airavata's sharing service. After meeting with Marcus, Supun and
Eroma we have decided the following -


   CIPRES uses the sharing service directly with their own UI. We must
   develop a UI for group management for their users to create and manage
   groups to share on the portal

   In the current PGA implementation, we do allow users to share their
   experiments with other users. This list of users for this is obtained from
   the user profile service. Since CIPRES makes use of only the sharing
   service, for group management we must get the list of users from the
   sharing service and implement the same for PGA

   Have the Django UI call the sharing service directly

   Have a configuration file in the Group Management API to configure the
   group type (admin or user) and we will have two configurations - one for
   CIPRES and another for all the other gateways

   Marcus will provide with the base Django gateway implementation on which
   I can build the group management UI
   - We need to write Python controllers for the sharing service that can
   be used by the UI
   - The thrift generate script needs to be modified to create client SDK
   for the sharing service

The goal is to have the UI up and running by August 22 so that we can test
it and push it to production by the end of August.

*Sneha Tilak*

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