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From Sneha Tilak <>
Subject SciGaP Portal Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2017 21:20:12 GMT
Hello dev,

I am currently working on the JIRA Issue - to simplify the gateway
request form of the SciGaP portal that we have in place.

   1. To request a gateway, a valid user can create a request with just the
   basic details (name and URL) and a small description for the need of the
   2. The admin can either request for more information or approve the
   request. Once approved, the user must provide detailed information
   regarding the approved gateway (admin contact and keycloak details if they
   wish to host the gateway)
   3. After receiving all the details, the gateway is created and the
   details can be accessed through a view-only form by the user. If anything
   needs to be updated, the user must send an email to the admin with the
   changes (similar to the current scenario)

Because of this, we must also modify the states of a gateway (REQUESTED,
APPROVED, etc) to better suit the proposed enhancement and also make
necessary changes to the the Thrift model.

Also, including a progress bar or graph indicating the current status of a
request will be helpful for users to track the status of their requests.

There are a few other open JIRA issues which are related to the SciGaP

   1. Creating a stand-alone page for admins to add a new gateway -
   2. Auto-generate the OAuth Client key and secret key for an approved
   gateway -
   3. Change the status of the gateway to APPROVED only after the OAuth
   tokens are generated -
   4. Once the admin approves the gateway by clicking on "Approve Gateway
   Request", the window must close -
   5. Change the message to be displayed once a gateway request is
   submitted -
   6. When the gateway request is approved or denied, the user must receive
   an email regarding the update. Also, the admin must receive an email when a
   gateway request is created or cancelled by the user -
   7. If needed, the admin should be able to edit any gateway request -
   8. Users cannot return to the UI to request a gateway once they navigate
   to the User Settings -

As of now, the above issues are marked unresolved on the JIRA tracker. But
if anyone has worked on or has already solved them, please let me know. As
always, suggestions for the solution are welcome!

*Sneha Tilak*

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