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From Sneha Tilak <>
Subject PGA Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2017 18:23:24 GMT
Hello dev,

I have a created a PR for the changes made to the PGA portal - The list of fixes
that were resolved are mentioned in the comment. Since there were many
changes with respect to the PGA portal, I created a single PR.

There has been a change in the Gateway request flow. It involves the
following steps:

   1. The user creates account and logs in.
   2. The user can then request a Gateway by just mentioning the Gateway
   Name, Gateway Contact Email and Public Project Description. (GATEWAY
   3. Once the Gateway is requested, an email is sent to the PGA Admin
   about a new request.
   4. The Admin can then engage in an out of band communication with the
   user (using the Gateway Contact Email provided) incase they need some
   clarification regarding the request. The Admin can also modify the request
   as needed.
   5. Once satisfied with details provided, the Admin can either
approve (GATEWAY
   STATE - APPROVED) or deny (GATEWAY STATE - DENIED) the request. Note:
   Approving the Gateway will not create the tenant.
   6. If the Gateway is approved, the User is asked to update other Gateway
   information through a form. All the fields of the form are required.
   7. The Admin or the provider can edit any detail of the Gateway (through
   a form) as long as the Gateway is in APPROVED state. The User can also
   choose to cancel the request. (GATEWAY STATE - CANCELLED)
   8. Every time the details are edited, admin gets an email
   9. Once all the Gateway details are filled, the Admin can verify them
   and create the Gateway. The User and Admin can only view the Gateway
   details now. (GATEWAY STATE - *CREATED*)
   10. When the Gateway is created, the Keycloak auth keys are generated
   and available for the provider to use or they can wait for the Admin to
   deploy the Gateway.
   11. In case the provider wants the Admin to host the Gateway, the Admin
   then manually deploys the gateway. (GATEWAY STATE - DEPLOYED)
   12. If at all the Gateway is not in use, the Admin can deactivate it.
   13. Every time there is a change in the Gateway details or the Gateway
   state, both the provider and the Admin receive a mail.

The Gateway ID is created by converting the characters of the given Gateway
Name to lower case and replacing any space or special character with a

Suggestions are welcome. Have a great weekend!

*Sneha Tilak*

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