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From "Mayank Jaglan"<>
Subject [#Spring17-Airavata-Courses]: [Debugging applications with Docker Containers] Setting up an automated production like local development environment (part-4)
Date Sat, 06 May 2017 18:43:48 GMT
Hello Dev.

In previous email thread (part-2), I explored proper tool for IDE Integration of Docker and

For automated local development and testing, one of the approach I am considering here is
to "Dockerizing Airavata Microservices". And for Docker integration with IDE, I am continuing
the use of Eclipse Docker Tooling (and Jetbrains Docker Integration Plugin) . 

For debugging deployed code base in Docker Container following approaches are considered -
- Logging via the Application, Example Log4J framework
- Logging via Data Volumes, i.e., shared folders
- Logging via the Docker Logging Driver, i.e., json-file Docker logging driver
- Logging via a Dedicated Logging Container (one centralized microservice)
- Sidecar Approach, i.e., each container is linked with its own logging container

This work is posted on my blog -
Under the Topic: Dockerizing Airavata Microservices

I am looking for some discussion on what could be the better approaches for local debugging
of deployed Docker containers considering the scope of Airavata setup.


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