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From "Mayank Jaglan"<>
Subject [#Spring17-Airavata-Courses] : Setting up an automated production like local development environment (part-1)
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 14:00:57 GMT
Hello Dev,

I recently researched ways to build isolated and repeatable production like development environments
on local machine.

For this I considered Classic VMs (i.e., OS level containers) which ensure isolated and repeatable
environments. But these are resource and time consuming. So, I tried application level containers
which happen to be faster and overall less maintenance. For this I used docker application
containers and vagrant automation to provide the desired OS for docker container to run in

This work is posted on my blog -

And I am looking for some feedback in that what could be easier, better and faster ways to
accomplish this. I am also assuming developers need to code/build/test every few minutes,
already busy in implemented planned features for airavata, and won't be able to make much
time investment in setting up automated local development environment system.


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