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From "Christie, Marcus Aaron" <>
Subject Re: Reg Installation Prequisite Automation
Date Thu, 11 May 2017 13:20:00 GMT

On May 11, 2017, at 12:26 AM, Bhargava Vadlamani <<>>

Hello Folks,

I am planning to develop a faster automated Python 2x script for easier installation of prerequisites
such as mcrypt,MySQL,configuring MySQL and Apache systems and configuring PGA.

The primary idea is to release a version 1.0 automating the process over Mac Systems.I will
be extending this to Ubuntu Systems once this is done.

Added, I have also planned to update the current existing documentation.

i would be happy to receive valuable suggestions/improvements


Bhargava Vadlamani

Hello Bhargava,

I thought I would provide some pointers to related work and recent discussions/thoughts on
this topic.  We currently have Ansible playbooks for installing Airavata and PGA:
These playbooks work well on CentOS 7. Some work has been done on the PGA role to make it
work on Ubuntu as well.

The playbooks don’t work on macOS however.  We’ve discussed and have done some work on
running the Ansible playbooks on a Vagrant managed VM as a way to install Airavata locally
on a developer’s laptop.  See recent Spring 2017 course discussions, for example [1].

But that approach could certainly benefit from additional work and refinement.  I think a
python script that would automate some of the setup needed to run Ansible playbooks on a Vagrant
managed VM would be helpful.

Or feel free to propose a different approach.



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