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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject [GSoC] [Beginer] Git Pull open source version
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2017 20:59:29 GMT
GSoC Aspirants,

If you are looking for a small project to start out with, here is an idea:

For Airavata PHP Gateway[1] we customize the look and feel in portal themes. These themes
have to be deployed dynamically on triggering a commit. This is a general problem, when you
push to GitHub how can you update a hosted deployment of the code by pulling git pull.

If you search around you will see quite a few alternatives. I found one project git pull [2]
interesting. Basically you have to add a GitHub web hook [3] listener and when you receive
a trigger, ssh to a remote machine and run “git pull”. I tried this service but it does
not work well when there are local changes and so forth. When you search, you will find good
alternative approaches. 

Any one willing to work on a open sourced version of gitpull or even a better version of it?

I will be happy to elaborate on the idea if this is not clear. 

This is not a GSoC project, but something to get started in open source so you can quote it
in your GSOC application. 


[1] - <>
[2] - <> 
[3] - <>
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