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From Eric Coulter <>
Subject Fwd: Re: Improving the PGA Install
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 14:34:51 GMT
Meant to sent this to dev as well... updates on my scripts for the PGA

Thanks, Shameera!

1. I did mean only the PGA for now. Thanks for the link; I've got a
version up extended for Ubuntu at [1]. *Please take a look/test if
you've got a chance!*
It was fairly straightforward to add support for Debian; the main
trip-up was dealing with the differences in http daemon config, but
separation of tasks/includes/templates was easy using ansible_os_family
as a key for the right filename/variables (added dictionary in
roles/pga/vars/main.tml based on OS).

3. I might get to take a look at this; I'll have to check out what
Marcus has done and some past discussions on problems with
PGA-as-container. I just mentioned puppet/chef as possible alternatives,
but I am definitely on board with Ansible.

As far as production/dev goes, at least for Ansible (where the main
difference should just be the hosts involved), it would be fairly easy
to re-structure the inventory/variable setup in the root playbook
directory, something like in [2].



Eric C.

On 01/12/2017 11:20 PM, Shameera Rathnayaka wrote:
> Hi Eric, 
> Are you referring PGA by only Php Gateway or the whole set of Airavata
> components (e.g PGA, API Server, Orchestrator, Registry etc)? 
> Please see my comments Inline. 
>     1. Continue to use Ansible; develop a role that is as OS-agnostic as
>     possible (can detect OS, dynamic inventory, etc.) There is already
>     some
>     work done in this direction, but is this the best place to spend
>     my time?
> You can find the ansible scripts written for Linux OS's with RPM
> package manager (This scripts are tested only on CentOS) here [1] .
> But if you replace "yum" package manager with "apt-get" you could
> probably make this script works with Ubuntu as well. Ansible provide
> simple way to handle this as we can include yml files (which has set
> of ansible tasks) based on some conditions. You might consider to
> writing two set of ansible scripts for setup development
> environtment(which use SNAPSHOT version of Airavata) and production
> environtment (which use released version of Airavata). 
>     2. Develop OS-specific packages - rpm, deb, something for mac
>     (homebrew/port?)
>      - nice from a "getting other people to host this" viewpoint, but that
>     doesn't seem to be a huge sticking point.
> This is nice to have feature IMO.  
>     3. Docker/Singularity? Puppet? Chef? Vagrant? Singularity might be
>     better for other people in the research space. This would still
>     require
>     creating different container images for each OS. Does this cause any
>     problems for database backups? Worth the time to get used to a new
>     tool?
> Isn't Puppet, Chef are alternative to Ansible? I haven't worked with
> Singularity but Docker is good way to move forward. Ajinkya already
> have done some works [2] which need to be merged with development
> branch. But it seems that pull request doesn't have a docker image for
> PGA. This might be a good place to you to start. Great if you can
> review the pull request and give some feedback. 
> Marcus has a valid point, how you think to support development and
> production images and maintain the code for both environtments? Thease
> are open ended questions that we need to find solutions.
>     4. Should we be leveraging the tools available from Amazon more
>     heavily?
>     This might require a fundamental change in the PGA, but could possibly
>     save a lot of work on our side. We don't know how much it could save,
>     though.
> In my experience it is kind of hard to generalize the deployment
> scripts to work out of the box regardles of the environtment. But I
> would say, we should consider minimizing the use of environment
> specific tools.
> [1]  
> [2]
> Regards, 
> Shameera.
>     Cheers,
>     Eric C.
> -- 
> Shameera Rathnayaka

Eric Coulter
XSEDE Capabilities and Resource Integration Engineer 
IU Campus Bridging & Research Infrastructure

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