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From Ajinkya Dhamnaskar <>
Subject Pull Request: Airavata Integration Test Suit
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2016 19:18:46 GMT

Jira: AIRAVATA-2283

Integration test suit to test airavata experiment lifecycle.
It creates resources locally and uses local provider to test simple echo

1. embeded derby server
2. RabbitMQ on

1. we have already built airavata and tarball is present in distribution
2. No other processes are blocking airavata ports

How to build
1. mvn clean install in test-suit
2. It will pick AiravataIT and run stated test cases

How to run
1. Make sure you have proper inside test-suit
2. Embeded derby server needs to be enabled in main distribution (set

What it does?
1. It will extract airavata build from distribution and deploy it with
embeded derby server
2. Automatically creates and tests gateway
3. Automatically creates and tests computer resource
4. Automatically creates and tests storage resource
5. Automatically creates and tests application
6. Automatically launches application and tests result
7. Clean up

You may find some redundant code. The sole purpose is to accommodate future
enhancements as they come.

Please revert if you have any concerns.

Thanks and regards,

Ajinkya Dhamnaskar
Student ID : 0003469679
Masters (CS)
+1 (812) 369- 5416

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