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From Pankaj Saha <>
Subject metascheduling jobs across cluster nodes and nodes behind firewall
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 13:51:02 GMT
Hello Devs,

It is interesting to see the work being done using Mesos. I have also been
working on the metascheduling problem for some time.  My focus is on
getting Mesos to work across clusters/clouds including agent nodes that do
not have public IP addresses. It is typical with Jetstream, Chameleon, and
other clouds, to get nodes that are only internally accessible. I have been
able to get Mesos to work in our campus cluster with both internally
accessible and public-IP nodes. I have attached a diagram to show what I am
working on.


I will be presenting this work at the Gateways workshop next month. Once I
get a chance to clean up the code, and automate the installation, I will
share it. It will be great to work with you all so that once your have the
thrift/Java client for Airavata, the same can perhaps be used with my
metascheduling setup.


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