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From "Shenoy, Gourav Ganesh" <>
Subject Mesos based meta-scheduling for Airavata
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 20:43:19 GMT
Hi Dev,

I am working on this project of building a Mesos based meta-scheduler for Airavata, along
with Shameera & Mangirish. Here is the jira link:

·         We have identified some tasks that would be needed for achieving this, and at the
higher level it would consist of:

1.       Resource provisioning – We need to provision resources on cloud & hpc infrastructures
such as EC2, Jetstream, Comet, etc.

2.       Building a cluster – Deploying a Mesos cluster on set of nodes obtained from (1)
above for task management.

3.       Selecting a scheduler – We need to investigate the scheduler to use with Mesos
cluster. Some of the options are Marathon, Aurora. But we need to find one that suits our
needs of running serial as well as parallel (MPI) jobs.

4.       Installing & running applications on this cluster – Once the cluster has been
deployed and a scheduler choice made, we need to be able to install and run applications on
this cluster using Airavata.

·         Until now we were able to look into the following:

o    Resource provisioning:

§  We explored several options of provisioning resources – using cloud libraries as well
as via ansible scripts.

§  We built a OpenStack4J Java module which would provision instances on OpenStack based
clouds (eg: Jetstream).

§  We also built a CloudBridge Python module for provisioning EC2 instances on Amazon. CloudBridge
can also be used to provision instances on OpenStack

§  We wrote Ansible scripts for bringing up instances on both AWS and OpenStack based clouds.

§  Key Points: CloudBridge, OpenStack4J are powerful libraries for resource provisioning,
but currently they do single-instance provisioning, and not support templated boot options
such as CloudFormation (for AWS) & Heat (for OpenStack).

o    Building a cluster:

§  We wrote Ansible script for deploying a Mesos-Marathon cluster on a set of nodes. This
script will install necessary dependencies such as Zookeeper.

§  We tested this on OpenStack based clouds & on EC2.

§  OpenStack Magnum provides excellent support for doing resource provisioning & deploying
mesos cluster, but we are running into some problems while trying it.

o    Installing a scheduler:

§  Our Ansible script is currently installing Marathon as the scheduler on Mesos. We haven’t
yet submitted jobs using Marathon.

·         Although not finalized, but we are inclined towards using Ansible approach for
the above, as Ansible also provides Python APIs and which will allow us to integrate it with
Airavata via Thrift. Hence we will be able to easily invoke the Ansible scripts from code
without needing to use the command-line interface.

·         We are also progressively working on some work-items such as:

o    Exploring options to provision and deploy a Mesos-Marathon cluster on HPC systems such
as Comet. The challenge would be to use Ansible to provision resources and deploy the cluster.
Once we have a cluster, we can try running applications.

o    Exploring different scheduler options for running serial and parallel (MPI) jobs on such
heterogeneous clusters.

o    Exploring orchestration options such as OpenStack Heat, AWS CloudFormation, OpenStack
Magnum, etc.

Any suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Gourav Shenoy

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