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From "Shenoy, Gourav Ganesh" <>
Subject Creating different PRs for different tasks
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 20:37:27 GMT
Hi dev,

I recently faced a trivial problem due to my lack of understanding on how we create different
PRs for different tasks – my code for different tasks were getting added to the same PR
because I was using a single branch to commit my code & creating PRs from that branch.

Eg: I forked the airavata repository and cloned the develop branch. I worked on 2 tasks A,
B. I pushed changes for A to my forked develop branch, and created a PR #1. When I pushed
changes for B to my forked develop and tried creating a new PR, it added the new code to PR
#1 (instead of creating PR #2).

Solution (There might be other/better ways to do this):
Let me explain in a step by step manner.

1.       Fork the “apache/airavata” repository to my personal profile. This will now be
“gouravshenoy/airavata” repository.

2.       Since I will be working on the “develop” branch, I cloned the develop branch
from this forked repository.
$ git clone –b develop<>

3.       I now create a new branch from my forked develop branch to work on Task A. Say I
name this branch “task-A”.

$ git checkout –b task-A develop

This will automatically switch to the new branch “task-A” for me to work on and commit
my changes.

4.        I make my changes and commit my code. I then push my code to this new branch.

$ git commit –m "changes for task-A"         # commit changes

$ git push --set-upstream origin task-A      # push changes to new branch

5.       Create a PR #1 for this task by comparing base “apache/airavata : develop” with
head “gouravshenoy/airavata : task-A”.

6.  Similarly for Task B, I can create a new branch from “develop” and commit my changes
to it.
$ git checkout –b task-B develop

$ git commit –m "changes for task-B"         # commit changes

$ git push --set-upstream origin task-B      # push changes to new branch

7.       I can then create a new PR #2 for this task by comparing base “apache/airavata
: develop” with head “gouravshenoy/airavata : task-B”.

8.       Once the PR has been reviewed and the code merged, you can safely delete these new
$ git push origin :task-A
$ git push origin :task-B

Again there might be other effective ways to do this, but this worked well for me and helped
me understand better how we can create new PRs without adding everything to one. Hope this

Note: Also while pushing commits, it is recommended to add the JIRA issue number to the commit
so that Git automatically links the JIRA issue with the commit/merge.

Thanks and Regards,
Gourav Shenoy
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