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From Shameera Rathnayaka <>
Subject Refactor JIRA Component list
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 21:21:18 GMT
Hi Devs,

Airavata 0.16 is hot off the press, and now latest code refers as
0.17-SNAPSHOT.  Let's do some refactoring to the JIRA component list. Some
of them are outdated and some components are not in the list. Let's decide
what is the best component list to be available in JIRA.

Here is my initial suggestion :

*Api-Server* - All API server related issues goes under this component
*Orchestrator* - All Orchestrator related issues
*Monitoring* - All monitoring related issues
*Messaging* - All messaging related issues
*GFac* - All Task execution related issues
*Registry* - All app catalog, exp catalog, credential store, replica
catalog related related issues.
*Cloud *- All Cloud related issues goes here.
*Security* - All security related issues.
*Workflow* - All workflow related issues.
*Integration-Test*- All Integration test related issues
*Unit-Test* - All unit test related issues.
*Client* - All client related issues ex: Desktop client, python
client(jupyter) etc ...
*PGA* - All PGA related issues.
*Web-Site* - All web site related issues.
*Documents* - All cwiki and document related issues.
*Release* - Any issue with release goes under this.
*Labs* - All research level issues goes under this.
*Dev-Tools* - All development tools (docker, ansible etc ...) related
issues goes under this.

Feedback is most welcomed.


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