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From Sachith Withana <>
Subject Re: Suggesting to have one Airavata Distribution for all components.
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2016 19:23:55 GMT
Hi Shameera,

AFAIU, what you are referring to as "distributions" are actually server
Rather than having separate distributions, it would be better to have
Server profiles in a higher level but allow granular level control if

My knowledge on Airavata is totally out of date, but for the sake of this
example, bear with me.

Let's assume that the analytics server is composed of the registry,
monitoring and data analytics.

There should be server profiles where upon starting, it would start all the
necessary components all by itself.
Ex: -AnalyticsServer

should start all the components ( monitoring, data analytics ...).

But component level startups should also be allowed to provide more
ex: -monitoring -analytics

This would allow the user to customize their deployment accordingly ( ex:
load balancing scenarios).

That's my two cents on the matter.

But definitely having one script to cater all the profiles would be really


On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 11:53 AM, Shameera Rathnayaka <> wrote:

> Hi Devs,
> Today, Airavata has set of distributions, one for each compoent and
> all-in-one distribution which has all components. Airavata support
> different deployment models.Thus user can deploy Airavata component in any
> combination, for an example one of our current production deployment has
> two instances, one instance with api-server and orchestrator components
> runs in same JVM and other instance with gfac component. Airavata has
> capability to support any kind of deployment depend on use-case.
> Here I would like to suggest to have one distribution yet it preserve the
> existing deployment flexibility. Instead of having different startup-script
> for each distributions we can have one startup-script with different
> commands eg: sh <Component name or names to be
> started on same JVM> , <Component Names to be
> Stoped>.Most of the popular multi component product use this approach, ex:
> Apache Spark, Apache Storm. With time Airavata will have few more
> components(registry, monitoring, cloud prvisioining, data analatic) and
> this approach provide an easy way instead of having different distributions
> for each component which is hard to maintain and not user friendly.
> This approach desn't add unnecessary overhead to server startup and
> runtime as Java doesn't load all jars in class path instead it load all the
> necessary jars at rutime. I would like to know others opinion about this
> and happy to get feedbacks.
> Thanks,
> Shameera.
> --
> Shameera Rathnayaka

Sachith Withana
Software Engineer; WSO2 Inc.;
E-mail: sachith AT
M: +94715518127
Linked-In: <http://goog_416592669>

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