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From "Pierce, Marlon" <>
Subject Re: Design of Mesos/Aurora integration with Airavata on Jetstream
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 18:54:17 GMT
Hi Emre, are you looking at containerizing any of your applications? 

On 4/27/16, 1:21 PM, "Emre Brookes" <> wrote:

>Pierce, Marlon wrote:
>> Thanks, Gourav, this is great. How will the design differ in the two 
>> cases?
>> Since installing the applications is not a simple task and there 
>> aren’t good docker libraries (for example) for many of them, I would 
>> assume that we would have a collection of VMs that have the codes 
>> already installed.
>FWIW, that model would work well with GenApp usage also.  Although, I 
>can imagine a scenario where a part of job initialization script 
>(running under the already "code installed" VM) checks for updates to 
>the code and installs them, but that can be independent of 
>Airavata/Aurora/Mesos's knowledge.
>> Marlon
>> From: Gourav Rattihalli < 
>> <>>
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>> Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 1:01 PM
>> To: " <>" 
>> < <>>
>> Subject: Design of Mesos/Aurora integration with Airavata on Jetstream
>> Hi Dev's,
>> I have been working on the integration of Apache Aurora and Mesos with 
>> Airavata and Jetstream. Using Mangirish's latest code, VMs can now be 
>> created using on Jetstream. I want to understand how Airavata is 
>> likely to use the VMs for applications. Will airavata re-use existing 
>> VMs for successive applications for a given community, or will new VMs 
>> be created for each application? This will decide how we design the 
>> automated creation of a Mesos cluster using the new VMs that are 
>> created. I understand that we will have a Mesos master VM that will 
>> run all the time on Jetstream.
>> Here is the Job submission flow that I am assuming:
>> Airavata Client--> Airavata 
>> Server-->(Orchestrator-->GFAC)-->My-Apache-Aurora-module-->(A script

>> will create .aurora configuration file that will be used to launch the 
>> job)-->Aurora/Mesos-->VMs
>> So, I will design a module that will work with Orchestrator-->GFAC to 
>> generate the appropriate Apache Aurora script to be submitted to the 
>> Aurora master.
>> Please let me know if there are any comments, suggestions on this plan.
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Gourav Rattihalli
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