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From Mangirish Wagle <>
Subject [GSOC Proposal] Cloud based clusters for Apache Airavata
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 19:35:44 GMT
Hello Dev Team,

I had the opportunity to interact with Suresh and Shameera wherein we
discussed an open requirement in Airavata to be addressed. The requirement
is to expand the capabilities of Apache Airavata to submit jobs to cloud
based clusters in addition to HPC/ HTC clusters.

The idea is to dynamically provision a cloud cluster in an environment like
Jetstream, based on the configuration figured out by Airavata, which would
be operated by a distributed system management software like Mesos. An
initial high level goals would be:-

   1. Airavata categorizes certain jobs to be run on cloud based clusters
   and figure out the required hardware config for the cluster.
   2. The proposed service would provision the cluster with the required
   3. An ansible script would configure a Mesos cluster with the resources
   4. Airavata submits the job to the Mesos cluster.
   5. Mesos then figures out the efficient resource allocation within the
   cluster and runs the job and fetches the result.
   6. The cluster is then deprovisioned automatically when not in use.

The project would mainly focus on point 2 and 6 above.

To start with, I am currently trying to get a working prototype of setting
up compute nodes on an openstack environment using JClouds (Targetted for
Jetstream). Also, I am planning to explore the option of using Openstack
Heat engine to orchestrate the cluster. However, going ahead Airavata would
be supporting other clouds like Amazon EC2 or Comet cluster, so we need to
have a generic solution for achieving the goal.

Another approach which might be efficient in terms of performance and time
is using a container based clouds using Docker, Kubernetes which would have
substantially less bootstrap time compared to cloud VMs. This would be a
future prospect as we may not have all the clusters supporting

This has been considered as a potential GSOC project and I would be working
on drafting a proposal on this idea.

Any inputs/ comments/ suggestions would be very helpful.

Best Regards,
Mangirish Wagle

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