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From Eric Kuyt <>
Subject bugs I think i found in PGA
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2016 14:28:12 GMT
Hey guys, i found some bugs in PGA, could you put them in JIRA if necessary?

Storage Resource not delatable - delete-sr funtion in pga returns null.

the gateway preference fails on some sort of nullpointer error when no
uncelectedCRs are in the database..

                foreach( (array)$gatewaysInfo["allCRs"] as $crId => $cr){
                        if( ! in_array($cr->computeResourceId,
$gatewaysInfo["selectedCRs"]) )
                        $unselectedCRs[] = $cr;

                foreach( (array)$gatewaysInfo["allSRs"] as $index => $sr){
                        if( ! in_array($sr->storageResourceId,
$gatewaysInfo["selectedSRs"]) )
                        $unselectedSRs[] = $sr;
unfortunately i'm not php skilled enough to fix this..

Also in Edit your gateway preferences when I try to add a SR I get "Looks
like something went wrong. Please go back and try again or report this
problem using the help feature." But see nothing going wrong in the logs..



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