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From Mangirish Wagle <>
Subject Issues and Suggestions on Testdrive portal
Date Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:27:56 GMT
Hello Airavata Developers,

I am a student attending Science Gateway Architecture course and would like
to share some of the issues and suggestions that I noticed with the
testdrive portal.

Following are some of the issues/ bugs and improvements:-

*Issues/ bugs:-*

Issue with user registration:- When I registered for the first time for an
account on testdrive portal, the registration page reported success but
when I tried logging in, it reported invalid username or password.
Eventually the password needed to be reset from the backend by the support
team member to grant me access.

Typo in Airavata description on testdrive homepage:- On the Airavata
testdrive homepage (), there is a misplaced space in the first line of
Apache Airavata description: "Apache Airavata is a* softwar e*framework"
(Screenshot attached: testdrive_airavata.png)


Input file validations for experiments required:- In case of Application
WRF, there are no input file validations, which means one can try uploading
huge sized files through multiple requests and can possibly jam the
bandwidth and network. Also, I just tried launching an experiment with WRF
application by interchanging the input files (Experiment ID:
TestRandom_91e49639-5b92-4740-b2a4-dcacc2dcc2a5). The job failed as
expected but it gave me a segmentation fault with locations of some
locations of core libraries on the stampede supercomputer in the stderr
file (Attached: WRF.stderr) which can be a potential security risk.

Indicate availability of the supercomputing resource:- The portal can
provide the user with info about the availability of the supercomputing
resources indicating if they are ready to accept jobs or down for

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mangirish Wagle

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