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From DImuthu Upeksha <>
Subject Feasibility of using OODT file manager in Airavata
Date Sat, 01 Aug 2015 04:40:53 GMT
Hi all,

I have been working on integrating a file staging server for Apache
Airavata as a part of my GSoC project. Main purpose of doing this is to
manage and store input/ output files for Airavata experiments.

Main use case is as follows.

1. Clients (users) can push input files and metadata to file server (OODT
file manager) and should receive the url/ identifier of uploaded file to
provide to Airavata
2. Users submit experiments to Airavata with the url of uploaded input file
3. Airavata should be able to fetch the input file over SCP or some other
mechanism. If the file server exists in same machine where Airavata also
has been hosted, Airavata can directly fetch the file from the repository
 4. Once the experiment (job) is done, Airavata should be able to push
output files to file server and notify the client.
5. Client should be able to download the output file.

In addition to that, enforcing security in uploading and downloading files
is required.

I tried OODT file manager by following this [1] tutorial and managed to
push and download files using command line tools. Before going in to
integration, I need to know some details about the feasibility of using
OODT file manager for this scenario.

1. Can OODT file manager simulate the role of file server that I have
mentioned earlier without using other modules of OODT project?
2. Is there any licensing issue if I use OODT file manager in Airavata?
3. What is the preferred way of using file manager client to talk to the
file manager programatically? Simply, is there a Java API for file manager
client rather than cli commands?


Thank You

W.Dimuthu Upeksha
Department of Computer Science And Engineering

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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