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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject 0.15 branch vs master for PGA + Airavata
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 23:44:43 GMT
Hi All,

I think there is confusion going on between 0.15 branches on PGA and

Lets consider 0.15 branch to be frozen. We have been still actively making
changes but they are mainly driven by a Airavata outreach activity - a
tutorial at XSEDE conference - . With immediate
effect, lets sync up PGA and Airavata so we can avoid part of the

0.15 PGA points to 0.15 Airavata. Lets change PGA master so it can work
with master of Airavata.

For GSoC projects, if you are using Airavata (without needing to change),
then its recommended to stay on 0.15 branches. If you are developing and
need to change code then you need to switch to using master. Note that
master is not in stable, so you have to interact on hip chat to understand
changes and help resolve some of the issues. Please correct, but this is
how I see it:

We will need to make all PGA related changes needed for the tutorial on
0.15 branch only. This will make 0.15 move forward then master, but after
the tutorial, lets sync 0.15 changes to master. Some of them might lead to
conflicts but we have to carefully merge. The same applies to airavata 0.15
branch and master as well.

Docker/mesos and GenApp projects can use 0.15 since they are not changing
the code but need Airavata/PGA to be stable. All remaining projects need to
use master.

Right after the tutorial, we can release 0.16 and by the end of GSoC
projects, we need to release 0.16 of the master.

Comments and Concerns?



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