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From Pankaj Saha <>
Subject Mesos integartion with Apache Airavata
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2015 20:36:19 GMT
This is my initial understanding about the GSoC 2015 project, and I have
drafted the requirements this way:

Mesos integration with the apache airavata(initial draft)


Even though our primary GSoC project is to integrate Apache Mesos with
Apache Airavata but there are initial hurdles that each developer or end
user has to go with is to set up the environment for each required
component. So initially we are planning to put every required component in
a docker container so that whenever there is a requirement of installing
any of the components in virtual machine of physical server we can just
pull the docker to have the environment ready. So we are going to put below
items in a docker container (few of them already has official docker
containers releases available)

Apache web server for PGA gateway (php code and content)

Apache airavata service (java code and content)

Mysql, Zookeeper, Orchestrator, rabbit MQ

After dockerizing the Apache Airavata, we can also release the official
version of the apache airavata.


For each machine (virtual machine or physical system) we are going to keep
Mesos and Docker installed in the system. Mesos will give a controlled
resource sharing or isolation among the servers in a distributed manner.
There should be way to connect several mesos installations so that they can
form the master slave network and manage resources associated with each
mesos installation.


Marathon is another piece of software which helps to prepare the
environment based on the requirements mentioned by the system
administrators. We have to configure the marathon such way so that if any
of the components goes off it can take care of the situation and prepare
for the backup resources.


Dockerising each required components

Setting up mesos so that they can communicate among them.

Figuring out how each dockerised component can communicate.



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