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From Pankaj Saha <>
Subject Re: Unable to instantiate Airavata Client
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2015 22:03:41 GMT
Hi Suresh,

Looks like its an issue with airavata server , which does allow external
requests to access its ports. I believe its due to docker which some how
protecting the airavata ports to external requests and intentionally
refusing the connection.

I have tested with three dockers
1. Airavta PGA
2. Airavata Server
3. Rabbit MQ server.

Rabbit MQ docker is good to expose it's ports and allowing other containers
to access it. I am able to access Rabbit MQ from airavata pga and airavata
server container, its working fine.

So either its an issue with the way we are exposing the ports or some
permission issue inside docker. Until we are able to fix this we can
neither release our airavata server docker nor individual server
components' docker.

I can explain the same tomorrow in demo meeting.


On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 12:48 PM, Pankaj Saha <> wrote:

> after dockerization airavata server, rabbit MQ and airavta PGA are no
> longer running in a same local host, instead they are running in three
> separate dockers.
> airavata server needs rabbit MQ and its able to connect to the docker
> container which contains the rabbit MQ iat the container port.
> But problem arises when PGA tries to connect to the airavata server at its
> specific port(server:8930)
> its saying "unable to instantiate a client"  in
> *AiravataServiceProvider.php* file because of network connection issue.
> anyone has any idea why its not connecting to pga??
> On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 6:43 PM, Pankaj Saha <>
> wrote:
>>  This is a very known issue when we install airavata server in our local
>> system.
>> solution is: we have to change the airvata-server and port in config_pga
>> and airavata properties file to establish connection between these two
>> servers.
>> I m facing this same issue when installing the same in two different
>> dockers. Even after changing the server address and port number its still
>> saying unable to instantiate airavata client.
>> I have verified the default gateway id is 'default' in both the places.
>> any one has any idea??
>> this is my last step to dockerizing the whole airavata application.
>> Thanks
>> Pankaj

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