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From Emre Brookes <>
Subject Re: Registry API for Genapp
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2015 08:54:51 GMT
Abhishek Kapoor wrote:
> Sir,
> Due to some reasons, I am unable to checkout the repository. My 
> network is blocking it
> abhishek@abhishek-notebook:~/Desktop/gsoc2015$ git clone 
> Cloning into 'airavata-sandbox'...
> fatal: unable to access 
> '': Failed to connect 
> to <> port 443: Network is unreachable
> I am looking for a looking for a solution till then here 
> <> 
> is registry code and executable jar file
> to check it just put the jar file in genapptest folder and execute it 
> (Note: before executing remove any leading comments from 
> directives.json and menu.json)

You will need to get access to port 443.
That is a standard https port and it will be very difficult to proceed 
if you can not access the github tree.
As a work-around, you could clone it to your directory on and from your local system
use 'rsync'.

You can not require even access to menu.json and directives.json to run 
the registry.
This is "short-circuiting" GenApp.

menu.json & directives.json and all the json files in modules/ can be 
changed arbitrarily by the user of GenApp
and should not effect the previously produced output.  They can even be 

The GenApp "promise" to the user is that everything in 
output/{language}/ is a complete independent code base
that is produced during the run of  The one exception to this 
rule is appconfig.json.

You will need to build your code as fragments of code which are 
assembled by entries in genapp/languages/{language}.json
This is a very important concept to develop further parts of GenApp (and 
will be essential in creating new language variants).
I have written up some of the capabilities here
which should get you started.


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