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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Data models for 0.16 and beyond
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:09:55 GMT
Hi All,

With the experience of adapting thrift data models for Airavata in past couple of years, its
time for us to revisit them. Most persistent criticism has been the data models have been
complex. Next the data models and architecture evolved in parallel and the implementations
did not always match the intended models. In an effort to address these issues, lets first
discuss the minimal required data models.

We need to confirm the models to the general principle of Experiments deriving into a Process
or a Workflow. For single application, a process can be directly derived from Experiment Details.
For workflows, multiple process are created. Executing a process leads to creation of multiple
Tasks. Task is a general type which are enacted at run time based on a generic execution sequence
of environment setup, data input staging, application execution and monitoring, data output
staging and environment cleanup.

Please review the initial draft:

Assume lazy consensus and update the models, lets literately review and update these thrift
IDL’s. We don’t yet need to dive into code generation, until these are close to final.

@Supun, may be you can start thinking on the data base representation on these models and
assume the details will change but the general structure might remain.

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