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From Shameera Rathnayaka <>
Subject Airavata 0.16 Design Refactoring Suggestion?
Date Sat, 30 May 2015 20:55:02 GMT
Hi Devs,

As we are about to release Airavata 0.15( already cut the branch ) we will
not add any major changes and it is in testing stage. This will give us
time to discuss and finalize requirements for the next release , it can be
either 0.16 or 1.0.

As per the feedback from our user community, they need more transparent
view of what Airavata does when they submit an experiment to run a job on
remote computer resource. Airavata users are science gateway developers,
they are not only interested in Experiment level and remote Job level
status changes. They would like to know some degree of transparency about
pre-processing and post-processing tasks performed by airavata framework,
before and after Job submission. For example they would like to see which
task is being executed at particular time, does scp file transferring
succeed or not. With current Hander architecture, it is not possible to
Airavata framework to know which handler does what. User can write and
integrate different kind of handlers and integrate it with the execution
chain. If Airavata Job submission failed while transferring input file to
the compute resource. Gateway developer should be able to find the reason
without any trouble. Current Airavata save the failure reason with
stracktrace but that is too low level for a gateway developer.

Here we are thinking of replace this static handler architecture with
dynamic task mechanism. Here framework has different type of tasks, lets
say for input staging we have SCP , GRIDFTP and HTTP tasks. each task
clearly know what it need to do and how. When Airavata get an experiment
with three inputs, one is simple string and other two are SCP and HTTP type
file transfer inputs. Then Airavata decide to add SCP and GRIDFTP tasks to
the dynamic task chain. Then add another Job submission task, let's say job
need to submit using ssh keys then Airavata add SSH job submission task. as
same add required task for the outputs. Each task has three states
Processing, Completed, Failed. In case of failure, framework know which
type of works it was doing or which task failed, is it SCP file transfer
task or GRIDFTP file transfering task. Then Airavata can provide(show) this
details to Users by messaging. Please see following diagram to get an idea
about different level of state transitions.

Yours feedback are highly appreciate. ​



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