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From Emre Brookes <>
Subject GSoC GenApp / Airavata integration and Experiment Registry
Date Thu, 28 May 2015 00:30:32 GMT
Suresh, Raminder -

Can we start a discussion here about what needs to be done to register 
an application from the command line?

In the simplest form, all 'genapp' modules currently have the same 
inputs and outputs.
They take a single command line argument (a JSON formatted string)
and produce output to standard output (a JSON formatted string)

A bit further, there maybe some arbitrary set of files input and output, 
but this can
be handled after the basic "simplest" form is functional.

As I understand it, all Airavata "experiments" == GenApp "modules", need 
prior registry
before an experiment can start.  Are there existing command line 
utilities or code fragments
to register an application ?


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