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From SmashRod Alfredo <>
Subject Register a remote computational resource steps
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:39:43 GMT
Hi Everyone,
I need some details on the steps necessary in order to register a remote computational resource
on Airavata.

The first question is really dumb but I don't find anywhere a detailed answer or explanation:
it is necessary to have an airavata-server instance running on both local (where computational
resource is registered) and remote machine?

I've try to register an internal computational resource without success doing the following:
-> Register the computational resources (following the provided samples)
            computeResourceID = registerComputeHost(remoteMachineDomainName, "RTSRV SSC Machine",
                    ResourceJobManagerType.FORK, "push", "/usr/bin", SecurityProtocol.SSH_KEYS,
22, null);
            System.out.println("Resource Id is " + computeResourceID);

-> Register the GatewayResourceProfile

            ComputeResourcePreference rtsrvComputateResourcePreference = RegisterSampleApplicationsUtils.
                    createComputeResourcePreference(computeResourceID , null, false, null,
                            JobSubmissionProtocol.SSH, DataMovementProtocol.SCP, "/tmp");
            GatewayResourceProfile gatewayResourceProfile = new GatewayResourceProfile();
            String gatewayProfile = airavataClient.registerGatewayResourceProfile(gatewayResourceProfile);
            System.out.println("Gateway Profile is registered with Id " + gatewayProfile);
            writeIdPropertyFile("Gateway Profile ID",gatewayProfile,propertyFile);

-> Register an application deployment of the remote host

When try to execute a workflow using the defined application on the registered remote machine
I got the following error:
Computational resource scheduling is not configured for host ......

Does something missing on my remote machine (airavata-server running or some kind of services?),
or something is not properly configured on the local machine (some properties file?)?

Thanks for the explanation

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