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From Chathuri Wimalasena <>
Subject Re: Resolving the issues in the Airavata server statup
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2015 13:43:59 GMT
HI Hasini,

Please see my comments.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 2:54 AM, Hasini Gunasinghe <>

> Hi Devs,
> I tried starting the Airavata server after building from source (tried
> both master branch and 0.14_release). I see the following errors printed on
> the start up console.
> I am not sure if they are local to me.
> I would appreciate any insight on resolving them.
> 1). [INFO] Reading snapshot data/version-2/snapshot.35
> [INFO] Snapshotting: 4f
> Mon Mar 16 02:12:28 EDT 2015 : Could not listen on port 1527 on host
> Address already in use
> [INFO] Database already created for Registry!

> However, when I did netstat after shutting down the airavata server, port
> 1527 is not in used. Is this something that we could ignore?

Yes. You can ignore that.

> 2). [ERROR] Cannot connect to a RabbitMQ Server:
> Connection refused
> I understand that this is because I have not run RabbitMQ server. I had
> some issues installing RabbitMQ server in my environment. Is there a way to
> start Airavata server without running RabbitMQ separately?

RabbitMQ server is needed only if you are using XBaya to submit / monitor
jobs. All the airavata functionalities will work without RabbitMQ running.

> 3) [INFO] Starting Gfac Server on Port 8950
> [INFO] Listening to Gfac Clients ....
> [ERROR] The Credential Store Server did not start!!!
> Is there any special configuration for the credential store to start?

Credential store thrift service is not starting by default. If you want to
start credential store service, you need to configure it in You will see below set of properties under
"Credential Store module Configuration" in;create=true;user=airavata;password=airavata

You need to *make* as *true*. You need to generate
symmetric key and specify that path for
Credential store thrift service is a secured TLS service.  You need to
generate a keystore file and specify the path and password in the
properties, If you specify all these
properties, credential store will be start as a secured thrift service.

Hope this helps..


> Also, could I please know what is the last message that I should see on
> server start up console to confirm that the Airavata server started
> successfully? (currently I see a set of messages on "Expiring Session.."
> and "Processed session termination.." towards the end of the logs printed
> in the server start up console.)
> Thank you in advance.
> Best Regards,
> Hasini.

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