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From Chathuri Wimalasena <>
Subject Saving the content of the STDOUT and STDERR to database
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 23:01:52 GMT
Hi All,

At the moment, we are saving the content of the STDOUT and STDERR in
to DATA_TRANSFER_DETAIL table in the database and when retrieving the whole
experiment object, DataTransferDetail object is also included. Since we no
longer using wrapper scripts for different applications (instead using the
module itself), now the most of the applications write the output to
STDOUT. This output might contain special characters which might ruin the
json response at the client side. We face this issue with Gamess.

Now we treat STDOUT and STDERR as normal outputs which will be available to
users at the end of the experiment. Due to that IMO, we no longer need to
save the content of those files to database. If we still want to save them
for some other reason, we should save them as files, not the string
content. This change will need some database table data type modifications.

Feel free to provide your input.


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