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From Raminder Singh <>
Subject Handling Application Outputs
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2015 20:23:38 GMT
Hello Dev,

I created AIRAVATA-1551[1] to record output handler changes and will add subtask based on
the changes. 

Details are: 

Currently, we handle application outputs either by scanning STDOUT or looking into output
data directory. We had to add wrapper scripts for different application to handle outputs
in the way Airavata understands. Output handler code is overloaded with those details and
difficult to extend/improve. To improve output handler code and to support application without
wrapper scripts, we need to rewrite these handlers. 

Requirements for new code are:
1. New handler code should work based on experiment object or a internal gfac context. 
2. Stop scanning STDOUT file for outputs and use gateway defined output names/locations to
map outputs.
3. STDOUT and STDERR will be output for every application and we will not treat them as special
4. Primitive type data types(STRING, INT) will not be supported for batch job. They always
produce stdout and stderr and these will be output for simple jobs like ECHO. So output for
echo like jobs can be found in stdout file.  

You feedback is appreciated. 



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