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From Supun Nakandala <>
Subject DataCat Project Progress
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2014 10:11:25 GMT
Hi All,

We had the mid evaluation of the project last Tuesday and the following
concerns were raised.

   1. The lack of visibility of the overall solution in the project
   2. The ability to come up with a solution where, scientist who does not
   have a background in computer science can create new parsers (metadata
   extraction logic)

The project was demonstrated using the web interface that we developed. For
the final evaluation we expect to demonstrate the system using laravel PHP
Reference Gateway running in a production server and demonstrate how a new
data product that gets generated will be identified, indexed and will be
available for searching and hope this will handle the first issue.

We also had a meeting with Dr. Dilum our internal supervisor where we
identified things that can be done from now to 15th January, the expected
project completion date

   1. Do a proper performance test and publish a paper before final marks
   for the project is finalized (marks will be finalized by the end of March).
   2. Getting to work more parsers, so that Sudhakar can ask more users to
   use the system. This will help to get more feedback on the system and have
   a real world usage.
   3. Implement the support for provenance aware workflow execution in
   Airavata using our system.

We have written a draft paper which I have attached here with. We showed
this to Dr. Srinath and Dr Dilum and they suggested that we do a proper
performance testing (The one that already done is not up to the expected
standards). Given the available time we need to prioritize our work and
select a set of tasks that is doable and has the most impact. What do you
all think?

Draft Paper:

Literature Review:


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