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From SmashRod Alfredo <>
Subject Questions about Custom Application Registration and Complex Input/Output Data
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2014 18:00:56 GMT
Hi everyone!

I understand how to retrieves specific experiment 
results directly into a customized version of CreateLaunchExperiment java 

There are more open issues that I would like to ask you:

 this scenario: I have a local application (named "MyApp") developed in a
 certain language (let's assume python or C++) which takes some 
string as launching arguments, (string1 string2 string3), it does some 
processing and creates a more or less complex "output" during it's 
process. I want to generate an interface application on airavata of that
 application. My questions are:
  a) When creating the registration 
script for airavata of MyApp, the 3 argument string that my application 
needs are translated as 3 separated InputDataObjectType (of string 
  b) Assuming a simple case where "output" is composed by a string indicating the result of
the processing,  how is this 
"output" associated to the output of the airavata interface which I'm 
creating? it's always what happens comes with the stout of the system or
 there is a specific procedure to follow into MyApp or before create the
 registration script?
  c) (Related to question b) If the Input (or 
the Ouput) of an application is a complex object (not simple object such
 as string or int but more or less complex structures) wow can translate that into the airavata
Interface? .Is it supported? Do I need to register class/structure on apache 
thrift server and use the thrift-generates interfaces directly into my 
application in order to associate a possible airavata 

I hope to have been sufficiently clear exposing my doubts,

Thanks for your replies

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